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Best Meat Grinder


Whether you work as a chef or just want to have a healthy meal, the meat grinder is an important tool in the kitchen. And obviously, you want to make sure while purchasing that you get the best option. When you have got the grinder at your home, you will have lower grocery bills, reduced power consumption and lower will be the chances of doing risky electric activities while enjoying the tasty food items. 

If you consider the benefits of grinding the meat at your home, you can look at various features like you thick you want your meat to be after grinding, how you want to cook the meat and the way you want to preserve it.

Best choice electric meat grinder of 2017

After knowing the benefits of grinding the meat, you can shortlist few of options which suit well with your requirements. Instead of going through hundreds of reviews of meat grinders, here is a brief list on few of the best options.

1.    STX International Megaforce Patented STX-3000 air cooled electric meat grinder:

Out of many meat grinders which you will look at, this is one of the best choice electric meat grinder of 2017 which offers the remarkable features at the very affordable price. It suits well for the average power consuming activities at home. It offers the best air cooling mechanism which is designed to lower the pressure on its motors while increasing the lifetime of the machine.

It consumes 1200 watts of electric power while working on the normal settings and 3000 watts of electric power with locked wattage of the motor. Coupling the best wattage and cooling system, this machine can provide the best grinding processing for a large quantity of meat. 

2.    STX International Turboforce STX-3000 TF  3-speed electric meat grinder:

The next choice which is relatively similar to the previous one, however, it doesn’t acquire many common properties. This meat grinder works with the wide power wattage starting with 800 watts of electric power while normal usage, and this wattage can be raised up to 3000 watts with locked wattage of the motor. It has got the no. 12 grinding head and other major parts which are made up of 100% polished and high grade cased aluminum.

It doesn’t have a cooling mechanism like the above-mentioned model, so it needs to be functioning with the small breaks during the grinding processes of a large quantity of meat. It has got all the specs which the best choice electric meat grinder should have.

3.    LEM 575 watt #8 electric meat grinder:

This is a perfect grinder for the hunters as it can process a large quantity of meat but may not work efficiently if used for a long time. It consumes 575 watts of electric power and can grind 2 pounds of meat each minute. It has a compact size and can be stored easily. It comes with one plate, one grinding knife, two stainless steel grinding plates, and one meat stomper.